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In the construction industry, data is abundant and harnessing its potential can greatly boost efficiency and profits. Join our enlightening webinar to explore the transformative power of Construction ERP Software. Our experienced Subject Matter Experts will provide valuable insights, showing how this software serves as a strategic ally for construction professionals. It streamlines operations, optimizes resource allocation and effectively mitigates risks.

Discover how a well-implemented Construction ERP can offer actionable insights, leading to better outcomes, cost reduction, and increased profitability for owners, contractors, builders, and real estate developers. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the field, this webinar offers a deep dive into leveraging innovation for success in the AEC industry's technology-driven evolution.

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Topics Covered Will Include:

  • Construction ERP Software's transformative power
  • Actionable insights for better outcomes
  • Boosting profitability in construction projects

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    1. On Average, how many construction projects of yours are carried out in a Year?

    2. Please select the typical project categories that your company currently executes? / Type of projects you execute.

    3. On an average, how many employees are involved from start to finish of a typical project? / Number of employees involved in typical project.

    4. In your organization, do you currently use any digital tool/solution to execute any of your projects? If yes, please state product name. / Current digital solution using If any.

    5. Select the top three construction management "challenges" for which your organization has adopted or looking to adopt a digital solution / Current business challenges facing If any.


    Dijo Jose

    Regional Director – MEA
    SoftTech Engineers
    20+ years of experience in technology for business success with a focus on AEC

    Kashyap Chaturvedula

    Vice President, Product Strategy
    SoftTech Engineers
    15+ years of deep domain experience and industry knowledge of the AEC industry

    Pranav Hatwar

    Business Analyst
    SoftTech Engineers
    7+Yr of hands-on experience in leveraging innovation to enhance the AEC capabilities

    Built for Success: Unleash Construction ERP Software's Potential

    Learn how CivitBUILD is empowering various construction stakeholders across the globe to attain success and a competitive advantage


    Learn how to gain complete visibility into your construction projects for effective monitoring, control & data-driven decisions

    Main Contractors

    Learn how your construction projects can meet the timelines & budget quickly & effectively anywhere,


    Learn how to seamlessly manage your onsite-to-office teams to maximize collaboration, productivity and time utilization

    Project Consultants

    Learn how to digitalize end-to-end project management to boost ROI and make informed decisions using real-time insights

    One-stop solution for the pressing challenges faced by today's construction organizations

    Maximizing efficiency and profitability by tackling today's construction challenges through a comprehensive solution

    Project Visibility

    Effortlessly monitor project progress and make informed decisions with real-time updates, enhancing project management efficiency

    Customer Relationships

    Effectively manage customer inquiries and collections, ensuring a seamless and profitable client relationship experience

    Contractor Tracking

    Streamline contractor work tracking and billing reconciliation for smoother project financial management and accurate payments

    Activity-Based Costing

    Simplify complex activity-based costing calculations to enhance financial transparency and project cost control

    Bidding Estimation

    Quickly and precisely estimate quantities during the bidding stage, optimizing cost-effective project planning and resource allocation

    Procurement Efficiency

    Align procurement with project resource requirements, promoting profitability and resource optimization for successful project execution

    Why SoftTech?

    SoftTech is a leading IT company that specializes in driving business and technology transformations within the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry.

    25+ Years of deep
    domain expertise &
    industry knowledge

    Preferred solution provider
    for revered governments &
    private organizations

    Strong global footprint
    with 4500+ clients
    across the world



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