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BIM Consulting Services from SoftTech

Your BIM Projects, delivered by SoftTech

Why choose us as your BIM Consultants?

SoftTech has emerged as early adopters of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, which benefits to all participants of any construction projects. Our unique know-how of BIM and over the years’ experience has helped us to evolve unique BIM modules for our customers.
We aim to provide all possible support through BIM model to project team to do “BIM based Construction Project Management” efficiently and gain a “proper control over project” with ensuring BIM benefits throughout “Project Life Cycle”. We provide all necessary training to utilize BIM model and provide onsite support during project execution, which ensures that BIM implementation, is successful achieving all desired goal set

SoftTech is committed to deliver revolutionizing benefits of BIM (Building Information Modeling) services to Construction Industry. With will be building virtual model of entire building that will help our customers to reduce construction clashes as they will be identified before it goes on site, it will reduce wastage, eliminate conflicts during construction.

SoftTech BIM Consulting Services

  • Architectural BIM

  • Structural BIM



  • BIM
  • Coordination BIM

  • Scan To BIM


  • Revit Family Creation

  • Construction BIM

SoftTech’s BIM Methodology

We produce 3D building services models and fully coordinated and constructible design documents that seamlessly transfer to construction. Designing in 3D before any work begins on-site provides the means to control costs through better physical coordination, by resolving the majority of conflicts before they become costly field issues. Coordination is valuable because sub-contractors may have created their detailed designs in isolation, or used design information from other disciplines that has evolved and changed.
As a result, installation can often start sooner, there are fewer change orders from site and less disruptions to work flow. Our coordination service brings all design disciplines together into a single 3D model to check their interfaces with each other in terms of space allocation and operability. Where sub-contractors have undertaken detailed designed in 2D we convert the drawings into 3D, but will use their 3D models if these exist.

BIM Consultation, for you…

BIM provides the potential for a virtual information model to be handed from Design Team. Our current BIM clients consist of:

  • Architects
  • Surveyors
  • Civil Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers


  • Electrical Engineers
  • Contractor
  • Sub-contractors
  • Owner

BIM Services Offered

  • Data Rich Integrated 3D Model
  • 5D > Project Costing

  • MEP Coordination: Clash Detection & Resolution
  • Rebar BBS Drawing

  • BOQ  / Take-Off / MTO
  • MEP Coordination Drawings

  • 4D > Project Status Monitoring  &  Reporting. Planned Vs Actual Model
  • Steel Detailing Fabrication Drawing